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 Chiropractic is the identification and diagnosis of mechanical disorders in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. A misalignment or mechanical difficulty can present as various symptoms, depending on its location. After an interference in the nervous or musculoskeletal system has been identified, a Chiropractor makes an adjustment in order to correct it, which relieves various symptoms (like pain and illness) that are associated with that specific misalignment. Chiropractic treatment is effective in relieving patients of a number of health concerns, including physical pain, inflammation, emotional distress and illness.

  Yes! Our phase-based programs give you a structured and tailored approach to recovery after injury or surgery.

 If it’s your first consultation, we’ll begin by asking a series of questions to gain a full picture of your body, your medical history and the particular symptoms that have prompted you to visit our clinic. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll begin our consultation. We begin with a series of examinations of your spine and skeletal system, to establish exactly what Chiropractic treatment is necessary.
Our clinicians will deliver a specific and targeted correction to the part of the body which, in their professional determination, needs it. Most patients say that the correction itself barely feels like anything, and there is much less of a ‘cracking’ sound that you may expect! Upon completion of your examination, our Chiropractors may give you exercises to complete at home in order to maintain optimum health.
Top Chiropractor Acupuncture practitioners are highly trained with years of experience, so you can always be confident they only deliver necessary treatment, and always operate within your comfort zone. By the time you leave our clinic, you can expect to feel relaxed, limber and enjoy an overall feeling of contentment.

    Although this will depend on your health insurer, even the most basic extras cover package will likely cover Chiropractic work! Check with your health insurance provider to determine your Chiropractic care rebate.

 If you have a chronic condition or complex care needs, you may qualify to receive a Chiropractic Medicare rebate for up to 5 sessions per calendar year. To be eligible, your GP must place you on an EPC – an Enhanced Primary Care Plan. If you have been suffering, or will suffer, from a condition for longer than 6 months, or you have several health issues simultaneously, you are likely eligible to be placed on an ECP.
For more information, consult your GP or visit the Department of Health’s website.

 Definitely! Spinal therapy and treatment is central to the science of Chiropractic. Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments our clinic treats, so we have years of experience in relieving out patients’ lower, middle and general back pain. Of all healthcare professionals, Chiropractors have the most extensive education and training in the field of spinal manipulation, so you can be confident we’ll find the solution to your back pain.

 First, our practitioners will conduct a thorough examination, canvassing your current and previous symptoms, diet and lifestyle and family history in order to gain a full and complete idea of your body and general health. Based on this information, we will make a professional assessment of the treatments you will benefit from most. An initial consultation will take longer than subsequent ones, to allow for this information gathering process.
Once we’ve established what treatments will be most successful for you, we begin treating! We may offer several specific herbal medicines, commence warm cupping or begin Acupuncture. Don’t worry about pain, especially if you’re scared of needles! In terms of sensation, warm cupping is more like feeling pressure than feeling pain. In terms of Acupuncture, you’ll hardly feel a thing! Most patients say they can’t feel the Acupuncture needles at all.

  Of course – the natural power of Chinese Medicine practices can be helpful for everyone! No matter your age, gender, or physical condition, you can always stand to benefit from Chinese Medicine. Appropriate treatments are even suitable for pregnant women, their children in utero and newborn babies.

   Certainly. Acupuncture restores balance in the body, allowing it to more effectively self-regulate and self-treat. By opening blocked energy pathways, energy pathways are allowed to operate unencumbered, strengthening the immune system, improving blood flow and ensuring physical harmony. Acupuncture improves overall health, and by maintaining the vital energy pathways within the body, helps to prevent injury, disease and stress.

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