What We Treat ?

Neck Pain and Headaches

We Treat Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck pain and headaches are some of the most common issues our clinic treats through both our Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic services. Sub-occipital, frontal and migraine headaches often have underlying causes of misalignment in the neck, while the causes of neck pain and stiffness can be uncovered through a professional spinal examination.

Headaches are so common, most people consider them a normal part of life and treat them with painkillers and other medicines. However, medications can often have side effects, and do nothing to address the origins of head and neck pain.

Headaches and neck pain are very strongly connected. While things like fever and sinus troubles can cause headaches, most headaches are considered primary. This means that their root cause lies internally, in the nerves surrounding the head and neck. If the bones and muscles in the neck aren’t properly supporting the head, nerves and blood supply can be affected.

Chiropractors explore areas of muscle tension, weakness and imbalance in the head and neck. A comprehensive examination will include investigating the base of the neck, the jaw and the base of the skull. From there, a Chiropractor is able to make specific, targeted adjustments to provide relief. When a Chiropractor addresses structural imbalances in a patient’s head, neck and/or spine, the root causes of head and neck pain are addressed.

Traditional Chinese Medicine practices can also help in maintaining proper alignment, relaxation and pain relief without drugs, all of which can contribute to relief from ongoing head and neck pain.

Lower Back Pain

We treat Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is so common that it’s often thought to be insignificant. However, if left untreated it can grow into a debilitating problem. Identifying inflammation areas, specific muscle pain and misalignment issues is key to establishing long term back and spinal health. Our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and Chiropractors are highly experienced in alleviating this common concern.

More than three quarters of people will experience lower back pain in their lives, and this can range from slight discomfort to extreme debilitation. Lower back pain shouldn’t be ignored, even if it goes away after a few days. While a short burst of lower back pain may seem like nothing to worry about, it could indicate a bigger, more serious underlying problem.

The most common cause of lower back pain is stress on the joints and muscles of the back. Day to day activities, like having poor posture or incorrect technique when bending and lifting or sleeping in awkward positions, can make this stress worse. The lower back area takes on a lot of our body weight, and to do so it heavily relies on the strength and alignment of the spine. Misalignment and areas of weakness can lead to irritated nerves, bulging discs and even pressure on the spinal cord.

Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments release tension found in joints and muscles, and are safe, non-invasive and efficient ways of treating the common problem of lower back pain.

Pregnancy Care and New Mums

We Treat Pregnancy Care and New Mums

Chiropractic treatment can assist with fertility issues, pre- and post-natal mental health care, morning sickness and pelvic instability. Traditional Chinese Medicine practices and Chiropractic services can benefit people of any age and throughout pregnancy itself.

No one can deny the joy and excitement that comes with pregnancy, but the physical pain and discomfort it’s often paired with is hard to ignore. During pregnancy, the body undergoes a vast array of changes, the combination of which can lead to various painful symptoms. Weight fluctuations, altered hormone levels, changed physical activity levels and the structural changes that occur to accommodate a growing foetus can all wreak havoc on the proper functioning of a mother’s body.

Joints and ligaments in the pelvic area become looser in preparation for birth, which means the natural support the back normally receives can be greatly reduced. This can spell trouble for spinal alignment, which in turn can be damaging to the rest of the body. Chiropractic treatment can assess newly stressed areas of the body and assist in stabilising and balancing the spine, which optimises the body for maintaining strength, flexibility and support throughout pregnancy and beyond.

The period directly after birth is also important for maintaining stability and health post-childbirth. In the eight weeks after birth itself, the loosened and softened joints and ligaments of the pelvic region begin to tighten back to their original state. During this time, Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments can assist in ensuring these structures strengthen and realign correctly, paving the way for ongoing pelvic and spinal health.

Chiropractic treatment is completely safe for pregnant women, and is actually gentler than traditional Chiropractic, as the softened tissues require less force to adjust. Many believe that pain and discomfort is simply par for the course throughout a pregnancy, but there are simple and effective ways to treat these physical symptoms. Our professional Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic services provide a safe, drug-free and non-invasive solution to the countless ailments that accompany the excitement of pregnancy.

Anxiety, Depression and Emotional Concerns

We Treat Anxiety, Depression and Emotional Concerns

Chiropractic examination of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems can reveal hidden causes of poor mental health. Interruptions to the proper functioning of the nervous system can present as mental health and emotional difficulties, which can be alleviated by locating and treating the interference itself.

Our physical bodies and our emotional wellbeing are hugely interconnected. We experience feelings and emotions through information received by the nervous system. This information exists in the form of neuropeptides, which are small protein chemicals that transmit information within the nervous system. These neuropeptides, like endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin, determine how we feel.

Many believe that these chemicals are ‘stored’ in the brain, but they are actually found in the spinal cord. This means there is an inextricable link between your overall spinal health and how you feel. Patients are often surprised when they can’t pinpoint a physical trauma that could have resulted in their pain, but can identify an emotional one. Our emotions can have a significant impact on our spine, as can our spine on our emotions. Chiropractic is concerned with the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, especially the spine, making it a hugely effective treatment for many emotional distresses and concerns.

Spinal adjustment can relieve blockages and compressions in the spinal cord which interrupt the proper flow of neuropeptides, resulting in an emotional response. Specific, targeted and professional adjustments to the spine can assist in relieving emotional stress.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also offers a vast array of relaxing, calming and balancing treatments, which also help to alleviated emotional and mental burdens. Many patients experience an ongoing boost to their wellbeing after combining Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of emotional concerns.

Muscular Aches, Pains and Strains

We treat Muscular Aches, Pains and Strains

Small misalignments, injuries, postural issues and other day to day mechanical problems can lead to a whole host of painful physical symptoms. Instead of treating these individual symptoms with medication, we find the original and underlying cause of pain and deliver targeted treatment.

Pain in the muscles, joints, and other parts of the musculoskeletal system can be site-specific or referred. Symptoms can include sharp pain, dull aches, numbness, pins and needles, tingling and more. Most site-specific symptoms are relatively straightforward, as the site of the pain is also the site of the injury, mechanical issue or inflammation that is causing it.

However, referred pain is also common, and can be more difficult to treat. ‘Referred pain’ refers to situations where pain is felt in one part of the body, as a result of a complication in a different part of the body. For example, headaches are usually referred pain from the neck, and referred lower back pain can present in the hips, mid-back or legs. More serious examples include heart problems, which can sometimes present and shoulder or neck pain.

The existence of referred pain indicates the importance of a thorough and comprehensive examination and diagnosis – something TCA practitioners are professionally trained to do. Even if the pain you’re experiencing is symptomatic of a concern elsewhere in the body, our Chiropractors and Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists are specifically trained and experienced in identifying the underlying origin of physical symptoms.

Our treatments, administered after careful consideration of pain type, family and individual medical history and physical examination, relieve pain and discomfort without drugs and without painful and invasive procedures.Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine are both highly effective in relieving musculoskeletal pain and symptoms.

Shoulder, Chest and Rib Problems

We Treat Shoulder, Chest and Rib Problems

Instability through the shoulder, chest and rib region is fairly common, but can lead to pain and misalignment elsewhere as well. As the body tries to accommodate existing mechanical issues or injuries, imbalances can emerge. Problems in the chest, shoulder and rib region can have flow-on effects for the back muscles, the spine and create difficulty breathing. Traditional Chinese Medicine can be instrumental in relieving multiple pressure points in the upper body, and Chiropractic adjustments are hugely effective in relieving pain and remedying misalignment.

Many afflictions that affect the chest will also have implications for the shoulders and ribs, as the body attempts to accommodate for a weakened or impaired joint, muscle or tendon. Spinal misalignment can also lead to imbalances in the rib cage, which in turn will affect the chest muscles and other areas like the collar bones, sternum and shoulders.

The shoulders themselves can also be quite troublesome. The shoulder joint allows the greatest range of motion of any other joint in the body, but does so at a cost: the shoulder is quite susceptible to injury, strains and pain.

Misalignment, sporting injuries and other day to day activities can contribute to conditions that affect the shoulder, making shoulder strains, sprains and dislocations relatively common. While dislocation is an extreme injury, less intense shoulder injuries can present as pain on the side and upper arm or an ache in the top and front of the shoulder.

Treatment in the chest, shoulder and rib areas usually involves release of soft tissues, ice pack treatment if inflammation is present, joint mobilisation and, if necessary, strengthening exercises. Our Chiropractors and Chinese Medicine specialists apply their years of specialist training and experience to deliver targeted treatment for upper body concerns, as incorrect diagnosis in this area will have significant impact on overall recovery.

Shoulder pain often requires ongoing exercise and training, so our Chiropractors offer rehabilitation services and programs that ensure our patients progress without over-extending their bodies, resulting in ongoing stabilisation and joint health.

Children and Babies

We treat Children and Babies

Children of all aged can benefit from a visit to the Chiropractor! Chiropractic can mitigate some of the stress placed on a newborn during the birthing process, identify potential alignment issues and combat behavioural problems in school aged children. Other common childhood concerns (like bed wetting, poor sleeping patterns, growing pains and more!) can also be treated effectively with Chiropractic. Children respond very well to Chiropractic treatment, and specific Traditional Chinese Medicinal treatments are also effective in the treatment of children.

When it comes to young patients, prevention is always better than a cure. Spinal problems, if addressed in the developmental stages of life, can be treated before they even fully form, meaning future problems are cared for before they’ve even appeared. Spinal problems can eventually result in serious immobility, back and neck pain and headaches. However, if these conditions are treated early in life, children who experience them are likely to enjoy better quality of life into adolescence and adulthood.

Spinal problems in the developmental stages can also lead to motor control problems like poor coordination and delayed motor skills, as well as sleeping difficulties and increased likelihood of growing pains. Heavy school bags worn every day, and the presence of technologies that encourage looking down and hunching over can also impact children’s spinal health. Children who visit Top Chiropractic Acupuncture will benefit from having their joints and muscles expertly assessed, which can quickly identify imbalances that could impede spinal health into maturity.

Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine are both safe for children, and our expert practitioners in each school are always gentle and light with growing bodies!

Postural Issues

We Treat Postural Issues

Postural issues can range from mild to severe, and include everything from hunching to slouching to scoliosis, and even temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). Treating postural difficulties early is important in combatting the potential damage done to the body. Identifying the root cause of postural difficulties remedies not only the postural problem itself, but the other adjustments made by the body in order to accommodate poor posture as well.

Poor posture can be a good indication of overall spinal health, highlighting possible misalignments, the existence of scoliosis or the risk of back and neck pain. It can be difficult to remember to maintain good posture throughout the day, but slouching, carrying heavy bags (especially on one shoulder) and extended periods of slumped seated positions are all bad postural habits that can develop into significant long term problems.

Injuries, working with computers and simple bad habits can all contribute to poor posture, one of the first signs of which is slouching forward and letting the head drop toward the front. This can place enormous pressure on the neck muscles and the discs of the spine, leading to pain and potential musculoskeletal damage.

While it can take some time to correct poor postural habits, Chiropractors are experts in assisting patients rectify their bad posture and enjoy the increased stability and comfort that comes with good posture. Chiropractors are highly adept in identifying areas of poor flexibility, abnormal curvature and mechanically malfunctioning joints and bones. We also assist in training patients to be aware of their posture, which can significantly reduce upper back, neck and head pain.

Chiropractic treatment will quickly address postural issues, while Traditional Chinese Medicine can be instrumental in relieving the pain and discomfort associated with poor posture.

Foot, Hip and Knee Problems

We Treat Foot, Hip and Knee Problems ?

Nothing impacts our daily lives like pain in the hip, knee or foot. In terms of mobility and convenience, these three areas are some of the most debilitating when they’re out of action due to pain or injury. What’s more, an injury in one of these three major body parts can easily lead to problems with one or both of the other two. We identify the specific cause of hip, knee and foot problems (or any combination of the three), in order to provide efficient, targeted relief.

The joints and structures of the lower body are some of the most used in the body, and are particularly prone to mechanical issues and stresses. Our hips keep us upright, let us walk and run smoothly, allow us to kick and play and bear weight, while our knees and feet are involved in just about every activity we do – even sitting!

Problems in the knee, hip and feet can stem from overuse, traumatic injuries, issues related to arthritis and simple poor mechanics. Pain can be felt inside the hip and knee joints, in the structures surrounding them, or in other parts of the leg and feet. Concerns in one of these three areas can quickly lead to problems in one or both of the other two.

Symptoms may include sharp pain, aching, stiffness, tenderness and swelling, and there are a plethora of conditions and activities that can lead to pain and discomfort in the lower limbs, including sporting injuries, arthritis and more. Diagnoses requires a comprehensive medical history and previous treatments as well as a thorough physical examination. Treatment then involves soft tissue massage to reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as specific adjustments to restore proper functioning and range of motion.

Chiropractic treatment is highly effective in addressing misalignments arising from joint pain and mechanical issues, and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices help to ease pain and inflammation. These natural treatment pathways offer relief from hip, knee and foot pain without the expense and pain of drugs and surgery.

Musculoskeletal sporting injuries

We Treat Musculoskeletal sporting injuries?

Anyone who incorporates physical activity into their lifestyle will know that injuries can be both highly painful and highly inconvenient. Bone, muscle, ligament and tendon problems can be treated through professional Chiropractic treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicinal practices.

Sporting injuries are extremely common, and can affect just about any area of the body. Many sports feature rapid stops and starts, bodily contact and other unusual strains on the spine and broader structural system. This can result in a variety of concerns, although soft tissue injuries to the ligaments, muscles, tendons joints, and connective tissues are more common.

Patients also frequently present with specific injuries like muscle strains, contusions, tendonitis and ligament sprains. These conditions on their own are highly problematic, but can also lead to further discomfort. Frequently, when a joint or muscle in the body in injured, the body will naturally compensate for the injury and attempt to maintain balance by tightening, and placing more stress on, other muscles and joints.

In order to prevent further damage, it’s important to seek Chiropractic treatment soon after experiencing a sporting injury. Our practitioners give expert attention to an athlete’s joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and spine to determine the exact nature of the injury, what adjustments need to be made and what rehabilitative exercises (if any) should be undertaken.

Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments restore balance to the body and relieve pain, which allows athletes to return to full use in the shortest but safest possible time frame. Upon completing Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, athletes will be able to return to training pain free and once again perform at their peak.


We Treat Sciatica

Sciatica is another common condition remedied by Chiropractic treatment. Sciatica is pain in the buttocks and leg on one side of the body, often felt as pain radiating down the leg towards the foot. The cause of sciatica lies in nerve roots in the lower back, which benefit from targeted Chiropractic work, as well as treatment from expert Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

Sciatica more often than not affects middle aged patients, and occurs when the ‘sciatic nerves’, 5 pairs of nerves at the bottom of the spine, become compressed. This compression can occur for a number of reasons, including pregnancy, misalignment of the lumbar spine, diabetes, direct pressure on the nerves themselves and small, day-to-day disturbances like sitting down with things in our back pockets, or sitting on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

Damage to the discs that exist between vertebra can also result in sciatica, and can eventually mean these discs bulge or rupture due to excessive pressure on them. Once a disc has been damaged, pain may only present infrequently, usually when carrying out menial tasks like sneezing, coughing or twisting. However, this pain can worsen with long periods of standing, sitting or bedrest.

Sciatic pain usually includes achy and sharp pins and needles down the leg, which can vary in frequency and intensity. Other common sensations are numbness, burning and muscles weakness, lasting for as little as a few hours or as much as a few weeks.

As sciatica refers to the pain itself, it is a symptom rather than a condition, and Chiropractors (as experts in the spine) are specially trained to identify the underlying conditions causing sciatic pain. Treatment itself may involve soft tissue therapy to reduce inflammation and tension, as well as Chiropractic adjustments to realign discs, vertebra and the spine overall. Chiropractic treatment can be very effectively paired with Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies to eliminate sciatic pain.

Back Pain

We Treat Back pain

Middle, upper and generalised back pain can make day-to-day life frustrating and cumbersome. Many patients rely on painkillers to manage their symptoms, despite their often being relatively ineffective. The solution to ongoing back pain lies in uncovering the source of the inflammation, pain and problem, correcting it, and maintaining the correction.

Back pain in the upper and middle areas of the back can have a number of causes. Back pain symptoms can exist as stand-alone conditions of the spine or broader musculoskeletal system, be referred pain from other areas of the body or be a result of compensation for a different, existing injury or concern.

Pain in the upper back is often connected to ailments of the shoulder and chest, as muscle and joint imbalances are accommodated for by the body’s surrounding structures. Postural issues can also play a large roll in contributing to generalised back pain, as can poor sleeping positions and other conditions (such as having a length mismatch in the legs).

Treatment of pain in the back often involves soft tissue therapy paired with specific and targeted adjustments, as well as ongoing strengthening exercises if necessary. Many patients also experience significant benefits from Traditional Chinese herbal remedies for pain, as well as Warm Cupping and Acupuncture therapies for restoring balance and mobility.

Chiropractic professionals receive more training and education surrounding the spine than all other healthcare providers, so are adept at treating back pain. Our patients also find Traditional Chinese Medicine crucial to relieving the back pain in a drug free, natural way.

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